Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brief of Asthma

Asthma is a symptom caused by abnormalities of the respiratory tract in the form of heightened sensitivity to stimuli from the environment as a trigger.

Trigger symptoms may include fatigue the mind (emotional distress), physical fatigue, changes in the environment which is not expected (weather, humidity, temperature, smoke (especially tobacco) and smells that stimulate), respiratory infections, especially influenza-specific illness, and allergic reactions of the material inhaled or ingested.

Rate sensitivity of airway symptoms begins from mild symptoms (a runny nose / sneezing or coughing that is often recurrent / relapsed) to severe symptoms of asthma attacks (difficulty breathing). This situation is in fact characterized by a background of allergic reactions.

The emergence of several levels of sensitivity of the recorded symptoms / can be expressed by the patient usually begins since childhood. Approximately 50% of symptoms will heal by itself, although at one time these symptoms will appear again at a rate more severe symptoms are often given the term asthma. About 55-6 -% of respiratory allergic diseases to be passed on to children or grandchildren and the rest resulting from environmental pollution due to less or still not getting the attention, because it's new symptoms appear as an adult rather than because it is a strange thing.


Basic problems in asthma lies in the respiratory tract abnormalities who dressed the reaction / inflammation (caused by allergic reactions) caused by exposure to these materials include:
* Dust is in the house of dust coming from the cotton mattress (especially long), carpets, sofas, old clothes stored in closets, ceiling roof, buku-buku/kertas old archives, etc..
* Raw foods, especially species of marine fish, cow's milk, eggs, chocolate, nuts, etc.. (Being a group makann material that has characteristics that irritate al spicy, cold, sticky, sweet / sour, salty, etc.. Not the cause but the trigger).
* The environment, among others feathers originating from agricultural material (pollen, hay, grass, bagasse, etc..), A material derived from feathers and bird droppings as well as pets.


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