Thursday, September 15, 2011

Proposed amendment to stop health care plan

If the Republican state legislature has directed its way, voters in Florida are two options in 2012 to weigh in on President Barack Obama and his agenda. Easy to convince me the answers

On Wednesday, the Florida Senate revived a proposed constitutional amendment to block part of the Obama health plan is forcing people to buy insurance, or a fine.

The proposed amendment to the vote in 2012, easily transferred to the Senate Health Regulation Committee along party lines, and is the first step, the legislature took the spring legislative session.

The Legislature passed a similar amendment last year, but the court struck the Nov. 2 ballot on the grounds that it was misleading because the summary made political statements that the amendment does not specifically address.

The current measure, the sponsor, State Senate President Mike Haridopolos, said removing the language of the courts is considered doubtful. Obama said the so-called "individual toimeksiannon''että people to buy insurance is much worse than the language that gave heartburn courts.

"I know of no place in American history where the government said U.S. citizens to buy a private plane," said Haridopolos. "It differs from the basic idea of ​​what is treated as a nation."

Haridopolos admitted that "sees på''en take the U.S. Senate in 2012, when the change can be a ballot with Obama when he runs for reelection, probably.

Haridopolos repeatedly stated that he is a professor of history at the university level, and Obama said that healthcare reform has broken the 10 Changing the U.S. Constitution, which limits the rights of the federal government. But Democrats say that the second part of the Supremacy Clause, the status bar Constitution, to annul acts of Congress.

In any case, if the measure passes in Florida asking for 60 percent of the vote on constitutional amendments, the bar for future legislators to mandate individual health insurance.

Republicans in Florida are not only in the fight against global health surveys Obama. The Attorney General Bill McCollum joined 19 state attorneys general, a challenge in federal court to declare Obama's plan of care unconstitutional. The statements are next week.

One of the dissidents Tuesday, 09.02, Senator Eleanor Sobel, Broward County, said he feared that the word is negative.

"We do not work with" Yes. "We work for" no,''said Sobel, D-Hallandale Beach. His second Democrat, Senator Jeremy Ring Margate, said nothing before he voted against the measure, which is co-sponsored by all 28 Senate Republicans.


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