Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The New Health Care Law

Nebraska radio station in an interview today, Koga, Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson has said he has worked to ensure the new health law has not been in possession of the state of health of the government `s, we have discussed the advantages and concerns of Nebraskans who had given rise to concerns about the law. Here are some excerpts of the interview. Easy to convince me of replies

When asked about them, asking to repeal and replace, Senator Nelson pointed out that many of the provisions already in force, makes the health insurance market fairer Nebraskans:

For those who want to repeal it `s will be interesting to see if they want to repeal the following: to prevent the insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions. It `s up a. Enter the insurance through the state border. Let the children ° | father `s insurance · Up to 26 yrs old. Many parents are struggling right now. Paid and borrowed a lot of money for college. Go out, they can not find work. That `d be launched insurance plan for a parent` s health. And if they had pre-existing condition, that you don `t get individual insurance, and if you don` t have a job, that you don `t get group insurance. So, yes. This idea is supported. He was only a couple of things that are already underway.Currently, insurers can not impose a limit on maximum annual benefits of life.

The senator noted that the Nebraska 000,220 - roughly the population of Lincoln - Don `t have health insurance. Reduce the number of the new law aims to control costs, which now happens to those who don `t have health insurance for those who do not:

There are 220,000 residents of Nebraska who don `t have health insurance.The number of people living in Lincoln don `t have health insurance in Nebraska. And we can `t` the center of the hey, I have mine, yours now. `Many of them can` t qualify easily because of pre-existing conditions.


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