Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real Health Care Law

The surveys for both parties as a reaction against health care for a long time to come, and on election day, the inevitable accumulation of this dissatisfaction. But pollsters warn that if Democrats Republicans they interpret the mid-term results should be a directive to repeal and replace the law of health care, then it is their madness is the 2012 th Easy to reassure me

General elections are young people and minorities are more likely to vote Democratic and interviewing Stan Greenberg predicts the pool of potential voters are "going very quickly move to a different audience, many of which are obvious beneficiaries of such care reforms health ".

Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster, disagreed and said the "vast majority of Americans" believe in the law of health care will increase their insurance premiums, medical costs, taxes and the federal deficit, and at the same time reducing quality of care.

The main priority of the U.S. [was] the control of the costs of health care and control of health insurance premiums, "said Ayres." They think that this bill does just the opposite. It is the fundamental problem. "Legislators do not listen to the public when" crowded "the health care bill by Congress, Ayres said, which explains why the opposition to the law of health care has increased at an average of polls in Pollster.com .

The White House and the Democratic leadership is expected of public health in the mood softens when it is implemented.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake said a key voting bloc, the elderly, were "scared stiff" in the health care law, but "I think in two years, when the elders recognize that this is not to reduce their health insurance in fact, improve methods of prevention [and] have improved prescription drug coverage will have a different view of the law. "


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