Monday, November 28, 2011

Rare Type of HIV haunt France

Mutations of human imunodifisiensi virus (HIV) Strain N was detected in the body of a patient at the Hospital Saint Louis, Paris, France, recently. Now, the 57-year-old male patient was under intense scrutiny this team of doctors at the hospital.

Viral infection is discovered after the patient was rushed to hospital suffering from fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes, and sores on the genitals. The results of initial tests showed that HIV-1-positive patients fell ill. However, some time after treated patients experienced facial paralysis. A team of experts was held another blood test that led to the conclusion of these patients suffer from HIV N strains.

After tracing the history of sexuality, a team of experts believe patients infected after sex with someone in Togo, West Africa. Relatively rare virus that is worth to watch. Because, not only causes severe symptoms, N-type HIV strains also have an incredible speed in attacking the immune system.

This virus was first discovered in Cameroon, West Africa, in 1988. Since then, only found 12 cases of HIV transmission N Strains in the country. The discovery is certainly raising concerns the perpetrators will medical history of the spread of this vicious virus.

"This case shows that this rare virus has now been circulated to the outside of Cameroon. For that, they need close monitoring of the epidemiology of HIV," said Professor Francois Simon of Saint Louis Hospital.


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